Coordinator’s Checklist

Preparing for Host Week All the hard work and organization of the coordinators will pay off during the host week. Preparing for the host week will become routine as the congregation gets used to the schedule and requirements of hosting guests. The following schedule may be helpful in preparing for host week : One Month before Host Week:
  • Sponsor Sign-up Saturday/Sunday
  • Put notices of host week in bulletin and newsletter
  • Recruit volunteers, if necessary
  • The plan training session, if necessary
Friday before Host Week:
  • Network Director contacts the coordinator with the number and composition of families expected and other information needed by the coordinator( such as work schedules, medications, food allergies, etc.)
  • The coordinating team review the information and make appropriate preparations.
  • Coordinators call or send appropriate reminders of schedules and duties.
Saturday before Host Week:
  • All equipment, food staples & supplies are purchased and organized in the host facility.
  • Sleeping areas and communal rooms are set up, cleaned, organized, and possibly decorated in a welcoming fashion.
  • Menu planning for the week is completed and meal preparers are confirmed.
Guest Arrival Sunday Evening:
  • Coordinator checks congregation facilities; posts Guest Guidelines; & posts Emergency Procedures.
  • Beds are transported to the congregation and the set-up crew makes the beds.
  • The coordinator welcomes guests at an orientation meeting.
Record Keeping :
  • Many grants require Family Promise of Greater Kingsport to raise matching funds. All Volunteer Hours count as In-Kind Contributions. It is important to know who our church volunteers are and how many hours they have contributed. Please use the following forms to keep these records.
    • Volunteer Hosting Hours
    • Host Church Weekly Planner