Coordinator’s Job Description

The success of Family Promise of Greater Kingsport depends upon the efforts and enthusiasm of hundreds of volunteers. The volunteers who organize those volunteers and manage the Network program in each congregation are called Coordinators and have the responsibility for ensuring that the host congregation’s program runs smoothly. Coordinators facilitate the work of the many volunteers needed to run the host week. They interact with volunteers, guests, clergy, and the Network Director. Good communication skills, flexibility, and diplomacy are essential for the job. The Coordinator or Coordinating Team perform these and other tasks:
  • Oversees the set-up & clean-up of the church facilities for hosting and the loading/unloading of the beds on Sunday.
  • Welcomes Guests at a Sunday orientation meeting where the Guests are introduced and the “Church Rules” are explained.
  • Remains on call during the host week to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Acts as liaison to the Network Director.
  • Attends quarterly Coordinators Meetings.
  • Assists with volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and support.
A Primary Coordinator may also do the following tasks or enlist assistant coordinators who manage particular aspects of the program:
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Schedules volunteers to set-up & clean-up church facilities and do laundry.
    • schedules Evening Hosts (5:30-8:30p.m.) and Overnight Hosts (8:30p.m.-7:30a.m.).
    • May work with the Meal Coordinator to schedule volunteers to cook & serve.
  • Meal Coordinator
    • Oversees the menu planning for the host week to avoid duplication and ensure that the meals are well balanced.
    • Schedules volunteers to prepare and serve dinner & breakfast.
  • Supply Coordinator
    • Keeps needed items in stock by purchasing or securing donations of food staples, paper products, toys & games, linens, cleaning supplies, baby needs, and other items needed for the host week.
  • Activities Coordinator
    • Plans special events, arts & crafts activities, movies, and games for the children.
The Coordinating Team works together to plan how the program will best operate. Each congregation organizes the work in the most suitable manner for its circumstances.