Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Kingsport businesses can join our community response to homeless families with children.

Serve on the FPGK Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides leadership and oversight for FPGK with responsibilities in:

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Personnel
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Management
  • Public Relations

Donate Goods and Services to the Network

  • Legal
    • Providing pro bono legal advice as needed
    • Providing workshops for the Board & Staff on legal issues such as liability or employment law
  • Public Relations
    • Assisting in developing, printing and distribution of brochures and promotional material
    • Arranging presentations for the Network Director to speak before community organizations
  • Fundraising/Development
    • Serving on the Development Committee
    • Helping to organize fundraising events
    • Sponsoring fundraising events
    • Providing connections to other corporate entities by arranging meetings, hosting informational events, or contacting corporate peers.
    • Donating goods or services for fundraising events
  • Financial
    • Providing a Financial Review of FPGK books at no or reduced cost.
    • Providing financial workshops for Board members on topics such as developing a sound annual budget or understanding a financial review
  • Operations
    • Restaurants partnering with Host Communities to provide meals for a night
    • Auto repair shops offering to service the FPGK van at cost.

Provide Goods or Services for our Guests

  • Life Skills Mentoring (either in the evenings at a church or during the day at the Day Center)
    • Parenting
    • Nutrition
    • Health & Hygiene
    • Effective Communication
  • Financial Services
    • Debt Counseling
    • Money Management
  • Workforce Development
    • Career Counseling
    • Resume creation & job search
    • Interview skills
    • Job skills
    • Computer instruction
  • GED & Literacy Training
  • Legal Aid
    • Child Support & Family Issues
    • Minor Violations
    • Landlord Disputes
  • Medical & Dental Services
  • Counseling
  • Personal Services
    • Car Repair
    • Hair Cutting

Provide a Matching Contribution for your Employees

Many employers provide a matching grant to non-profit organizations to which their employees make cash contributions.