Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to FPGK. Without volunteers, there would be no Network. By interacting with the Guests and treating them with respect and dignity, volunteers show a genuine concern for the well-being of our families and help them on the road to self-sufficiency.

FPGK provides a wide range of volunteer activities to fit varying schedules and levels of commitment and allows an opportunity for families to volunteer together to have a direct impact on the lives of homeless families.

Host & Support Church Volunteer Opportunities

Host and Support Congregations need people to:

  • coordinate and schedule volunteers and meals
  • shop for supplies
  • set up the Guest rooms and communal areas for hosting
  • cook and serve meals (either at home or in the church kitchen)
  • serve as Evening and Overnight Hosts
  • clean up after hosting and do the laundry

Day Center Volunteer Opportunities

FPGK needs people to:

  • serve as Day Center Hosts (4 hour shifts)
  • provide children’s/family activities on the weekend
  • pick up donated furniture and appliances
  • drive guests to appointments (must be able to drive the FPGK van and have a good driving record)

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • transfer the beds from one church to the next on Sundays (must be able to drive the van with the FPGK trailer and have a good driving record)
  • provide life skills mentoring in the areas of: (either in the evenings at a church or during the day at the Day Center)
    • parenting
    • budgeting
    • nutrition
    • resume creation & job search
    • job skills
  • provide professional and personal services such as:
    • medical
    • dental
    • counseling
    • legal
    • debt counseling
    • career counseling
    • car repair
    • hair cutting
  • assist Guests in the move to their new homes

Board Opportunities

FPGK has need of talented and dedicated individuals to share their skills with the FPGK Board of Directors both as board members and to help board projects on an as-needed basis.